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Microsoft 365 really has got the business cloud services market wrapped up. Could it benefit your organisation? It’s very possible!

Microsoft 365 is a suite of applications and services designed to facilitate seamless business communication, collaboration and productivity. It includes the desktop programs you’re used to like Word and Excel but brings with it the powerful collaborative services of Teams, OneDrive, Sharepoint and the cloud-based email of Exchange, and a host of other services. Flexible and modular, Microsoft 365 can be excellent value-for-money, and can grow with your company.

Plan IT Support can review your current working practices and make a balanced, unbiased assessment to see if you really would benefit from migrating to a cloud solution. Your migration will be implemented with minimum disruption so your business can benefit from all the modern collaboration tools of Microsoft 365. It’s not all Microsoft though, and Plan IT Support can help your business reach full productivity with Google’s G Suite, Slack, Dropbox and others. We’re not tied to any one vendor and will always make an independent appraisal before recommending a service.

Once a solution has been agreed, your migration will be implemented with minimum disruption so your business can instantly start to benefit.

What we can do for you

  • Remote working
  • Company email and calendars
  • Domain registration and web-hosting
  • File transfer and cloud storage solutions
  • Collaboration and productivity tools
  • Vendor-neutral advice and recommendations

How cloud services will benefit your business

Plan IT specialises in providing bespoke cloud services to companies of all sizes in London and Essex. We provide businesses with IT support and help them to improve efficiency and boost productivity. Whatever your industry or set up, we can find the right cloud configuration for you.

Here’s what you can expect from cloud services:

  • Seamless collaboration between you and your team
  • Single location for all your productivity applications
  • Integration of key features such as business email, calendars and filesharing
  • Flexible working – stay connected to your office anywhere there is WiFi
  • A value-for-money investment that grows with your business
  • Reduce or eliminate the need for physical servers or storage devices

Transforming how you work

In recent years, Microsoft 365 has taken over traditional computing due to its ease of use, multipurpose functionality and increased channels of communication. It integrates all your key features – you can pull information from your Outlook calendar, get documents from Sharepoint and collate them all smoothly to be focused in one place.

For businesses that depend on collaboration and accessing shared information, cloud services provide the perfect solution.

You and your team will be able to shift all of your data onto the cloud and access your services and applications remotely. All you need is access to the internet, which means you can use your cloud services anywhere.

Moving to the cloud also offers environmental benefits, which is a growing priority for many businesses. Hosting on the cloud is more eco-friendly and leaves a smaller carbon footprint than physical hosting servers. The cloud is also kept up to date with the latest security protocols, meaning your business data will be secure.

What our clients say

Plan IT Support are a jargon-free breath of fresh air. They provide swift and effective solutions for all our needs in the fast moving world of information technology. I highly recommend them to businesses large and small.

Trevor Drane, Revelation Films Ltd

Full support from experienced IT consultants

Get in touch with us and we can help you with all of your business IT cloud needs. Our technicians are always on hand to provide you with any support or answers you need. Take a look at our case studies to see examples of our previous work.


    A couple of frequently asked questions

    If your business is switching to cloud services, one good way to prepare for the change is to identify the services you really need and make sure you confirm their ongoing costs. When you switch over to cloud computing, you’ll have the option to pick and choose which services make up your package. While it’s good to have flexibility, it can be overwhelming to suddenly have so many options in front of you. Make sure you know the main cloud computing services that suit your business well in advance so you’ll be prepared for the big switch.

    This depends on the cloud service provider that you go for. Luckily, major cloud providers like Google offer free online training to teach your team how to use the cloud for business solutions. When we migrate you onto the cloud we can also help you understand the services and explain how your team can use them.