Managed IT Security

Ensure your business is safe and protected from IT security threats

Keeping your IT secure

Having IT security management is key to a robust defence and is vital against the everyday threat of cyber-attacks. Cybercrime has increased year-on-year as attackers take advantage of vulnerable systems. Cybercriminals launch attacks to get hold of your sensitive data, to gain some kind of ransom, to crash systems as a form of ‘hacktivism’, or sometimes simply just for fun. IT support companies are well-practised in preventing these cyberattacks and keeping businesses safe.

Why is IT security management so important?

Cyber attacks come in various forms. Malicious software (malware) includes spyware, ransomware, viruses, worms and trojan horses. Malware will take advantage of a system or network vulnerability, usually installing itself after a user opens a dodgy email attachment or follows a dangerous link.

Phishing attacks take the form of fraudulent emails or other communications that appear to come from a reputable source but are designed to trick a user into willingly handing over sensitive data such as passwords, credit card details etc. Phishing is a form of social engineering.

Your firewall sits between your office network and the rest of the internet and must only allow permitted data in and out of your network. Attackers can scan your public IP address for open ports on your firewall. It’s crucial that your firewall is not left vulnerable.

These and the threat of other forms of cyber-attacks means there is too much at risk to ignore. Plan IT Support can assess your current systems and highlight any risks or shortcomings. Our vendor-independent advice will help you and your organisation reduce your digital attack surface. Managed antivirus solutions will keep you safe from known and emerging threats.

What we can do for you

We regularly work with organisations of all sizes and are used to dealing with different types of set up. Regardless of how many employees you have, IT security has to be prioritised as just one vulnerability could be enough to cause serious damage. We are experienced in providing IT security management, so here is how we can help keep your IT secure:

  • Impartial, expert advice offered on a regular basis to keep your business data safe
  • We listen to your current challenges and requirements
  • Your future needs will be considered for any recommendations we make
  • A tailored technology solution will be suggested based on your business and your needs
  • On-hand consultation available whenever you need it

Cyber Essentials certification

Cyber Essentials is a government-backed certification program that helps organisations protect against common cyber threats. Once certified, businesses are able to display the Cyber Essentials badge, demonstrating their commitment to cyber security and providing assurance to customers, clients and suppliers that they have taken steps to protect against cyber threats.

Cyber Essentials certification is a cost-effective way for organisations of all sizes to demonstrate their commitment to cyber security and protect themselves against common threats. Plan IT Support has been guiding our clients through the process from start to finish for years. Read our guide to Cyber Essentials certification here.

What our clients say

I would recommend Plan IT to any business looking for a friendly and reliable IT service from very knowledgeable people. The service they have provided is second to none, even going as far as resolving technical issues outside of business hours within minutes. Their response time is swift, and their advice is competent and refreshingly clear.

Mike Topping, A Plus Security

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With offices in London and South Essex, Plan It Support can provide managed IT security to help protect businesses large and small from the threat of cyber attacks. So whether you are looking for IT security for a small business, or IT support to manage your security across your nation-wide company, get in touch.