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Protect your premises, your workforce, your customers and your assets 24/7 with a CCTV system and door entry access controls. Plan IT Support can supply, install and maintain sophisticated and modern surveillance, recording and door entry systems for premises large and small.

Both CCTV systems and access control solutions run over data networks, with data stored on servers and accessed via PCs or other devices. Secured and separate from the rest of your IT, modern CCTV and access control is an extension of your business IT network.


CCTV is a proven deterrent to would-be thieves, vandals and intruders. Plan IT Support can evaluate your needs and budget, and provide a CCTV system that meets your criteria. From a single office room or shop floor to an entire working environment, Plan IT Support will guide you through the options.

HD CCTV cameras can record high-quality digital images to be stored and accessed via a PC, or from a tablet or other devices. Images can be viewed securely via the internet or from your office. And if you have cameras on a number of different offices or sites, they can all be managed from the same device.

For bigger businesses, one high-definition, 29MP camera can do the work of several traditional cameras by focusing on a number of different areas at once, all with high-quality images. Ideal for car parks or large outdoor areas.

Modern, sophisticated AI and object analysis can help detect stolen items and pinpoint exactly when they were moved without having to scan through hours of video footage. Image analytics allow you to filter false-positive alerts for motion detection and can also help you track a person as they move through a building.

24-hour visibility can be achieved with full-colour HD recording during the day, and infra-red at night. Your CCTV system can be used to protect and monitor staff and enhance your operations management as part of your OH&S management system.

Access Control

Control the flow of staff and visitors through your workspace with door entry access controls. Access can be granted using PINs, swipe cards, fobs or biometrics (fingerprint / facial recognition) and can be installed on one main entry door, or throughout your whole building, inside and out.

Access to your business can be controlled and managed via a PC or device, and real-time reports can be run by approved staff for attendance, capacity and for emergency situations like evacuation roll-calls.

Client testimonials

I would recommend Plan IT to any business looking for a friendly and reliable IT service from very knowledgeable people. The service they have provided is second to none, even going as far as resolving technical issues outside of business hours within minutes. Their response time is swift, and their advice is competent and refreshingly clear.

Mike Topping, A Plus Security

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