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We provide IT support across Essex to keep you working, whenever you need it and wherever you are.

About Us

Plan IT Support is your expert and reliable IT department, supplying IT support contracts and a whole host of business IT services all over Essex and London. Operating from Southend-On-Sea we work locally in towns including:

Whether you’re a team of two, a busy office of 50 or more, or if you’re braving it and going solo, we can help. We offer friendly and expert technical support to make sure you get the most out of your existing IT.

What we can do for you

IT Support Contracts

We know every business is different, which is why we don’t use cookie-cutter contracts or one-size-fits-all IT solutions. We supply bespoke IT support contracts for SMBs all over Essex. And as your business evolves, so can your service-level agreement.

Plan IT Support will be your reliable IT helpdesk. We can deal with your day-to-day IT dilemmas by email or by phone, and your dedicated technicians will become a friendly, honourable member of your team.

We can cover PC and laptop setups, mailbox and user account management, and help you set up managed services. We can even liaise with your service providers on your behalf. All of this will be covered by your service level agreement, and it is tailored to you.

Managed IT Services

Flexible working has become the by-line of the modern office, and managed IT services and cloud solutions is what’s holding everything together. Whether they’re working from Head Office or from the kitchen table, your team still needs to collaborate and share data, wherever they are.

Cloud data storage like Dropbox, OneDrive and Google Drive keeps your documents secure and within reach. Teams, Slack and Zoom keeps everyone (and their cats!) talking. Productivity suites like Microsoft Office and Google Workspace is where the magic happens. Plan IT Support can help you navigate this brave new world.

Security is at the heart of everything we do. We’ll help you manage permissions and restrictions to make sure your data remains safe, and for your eyes only.

Hardware Supply, Installation & Maintenance

PC, laptops and printers are the bread and butter of office IT. Servers, services, and the networks they all run on is a step above. Either way, we understand that buying new equipment can be daunting. Setting it all up can be an existential nightmare.

Plan IT Support offers a supply and support service with over ten years of experience to back it up. Our technicians know what to look for and what questions to ask to make sure you get what you need, at a price your business can afford. We’re not tied to any one supplier.

We can supply you with a single laptop, or we can project manage an entire new office from the ground up. PCs, laptops, routers and switches, printers, cabling, servers, NAS drives, UPSs – we advise on and supply all of these.

IT support in Essex

We want our clients to get the most out of their technology; it should be a help, not a hindrance. Plan IT Support is proud to lend its years of experience in information and communications services and technology to help you and your team make the most of your work time, wherever your work may happen.

A functioning IT solution is vital to your business. Let us negotiate an IT support agreement with guaranteed response times – tailored to your budget and your business needs. Plan IT Support is your dependable IT helpdesk.


Our team

We’re a small team of friendly, experienced IT technicians in Southend-On-Sea, and we love what we do. Constantly growing, learning and adapting to new technology, it’s a joy to bring our passions to work, and to help our clients get the most out of their IT.

With over fifteen years in the business, we’ve earned the trust of our clients, some of whom we’ve been working with for a decade or more. We offer a personal, honest approach to business IT and managed systems. Get in contact, and find out how we can bring this same support you and your organisation.


Do you cover all of Essex?

Yes! Our offices are in Southend-On-Sea and in Central London, and we cover all of Essex, the Greater London area and beyond.

How much does a support contract cost?

We offer pay-as-you go IT support solutions and monthly, all-you-can-eat support contracts. Both will vary quite a bit according to your business needs, so prices are different for each of our clients. Once we’ve had a chance to chat about what’s going on in your organisation, we can agree on the best-value solution for you and your business.

What are your response times?

As part of the onboarding process we will negotiate a service level agreement between us and your business, which will outline our guaranteed response times. Quick jobs will likely be sorted as soon as you let us know, but some jobs may take a little longer. Either way, you’ll be kept fully informed of their progress.

Do you provide 24-hour IT support contracts?

This is a premium IT support solution and can be negotiated as part of your service level agreement.

Can you take over from my current IT support provider?

We can. There’s a million reasons why you may need to part ways with your current IT support partners, but we can handle the entire process quickly and amicably. We’ll make sure all assets – digital and physical – are signed over, and that no-one is left with a security clearance they should no longer have.

Do I need a support contract with you for one-off projects?

No! We can take on projects big or small, with no obligation once the job is done. Speak to us about your ideas!

Drop us a line - it'd be great to hear from you


A little overwhelmed? Don’t be. Contact us for a friendly chat about where your business IT is at the moment, and where you’d like it to go. There are no obligations, and we’ll avoid all the jargon, too!

We provide IT support contracts to small and medium businesses all over Essex. We work with clients from retail, manufacturing, engineering, leisure, accounting, one-person start-ups and a whole range of other industries.

    What our clients say about our work with them

    Plan IT has played an invaluable and indispensable part in the growth of our business, and are on hand in a moment’s notice to solve problems both small and large. They have proved to be reliable and professional while offering great value for money. I couldn’t recommend them more.

    Cliff Mills, Chargecrest Asset Management Ltd