Voice over Internet Protocol

VOIP system

Voice over Internet Protocol

VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol, is a phone service that utilises the internet rather than traditional telephone lines. With a reasonably fast internet connection, Plan IT Support can supply your office – big or small – with a phone service over the internet rather than your local phone company.

A Plan IT Support hosted VoIP telephone service can be used with a conventional desktop handset, a headset attached to your PC or laptop, through an app on your mobile phone, or a combination of all of these.

Increased functionality and comparatively low cost attract many Plan IT Support customers to a hosted VoIP system. Your telephone number will no longer be restricted by your geographic location – if your office moves, your phones can move seamlessly. You can even take your desktop handset home and plug it into your router at home – you will still make and receive calls to the same number.

Initial setup is a breeze too. Your new office can have a phone system installed in a matter of days rather than weeks. And in most cases we can port your existing phone number to your new VoIP system, meaning no missed business.

Talk to Plan IT Support for more details on how you can benefit from the freedoms of a VoIP telephone system.

What we can do for you

  • Quick setup times
  • Reduced costs of communications
  • Impartial, expert advice
  • Listen to your current challenges and requirements
  • Discuss future needs
  • A tailored technology solution


You have always provided us with an amazingly fast and efficient service at a very reasonable cost, going about your work in a very approachable and polite manner. It makes a huge difference and gives us a great sense of security to know that you guys are always on call and available to work through issues that come up.

Tom Lacey, Lacey & Saltikov Architects

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