Cilantro Engineering

Cilantro Engineering

Formed in 2003, Cilantro Engineering has quickly become a leading contractor in the services industry. Cilantro Engineering specialises in mechanical, electrical and protective services projects, priding itself on providing a first class service to include design, co-ordination, supply and installation of all engineering services. Their client base includes Blue Chip companies such as the Berkeley Group, Lend Lease and J. Sisk among others, delivering services to their preferred partnerships within the London region.

Cilantro Engineering has worked on projects such as the Athletes’ Village for the 2012 Olympics and the nearby East Village neighbourhood, providing quality craftsmanship and earning a reputation for completing works on time, to specification and on budget.


Cilantro required help with the rapid expansion of their London operation. They needed a reliable office setup with the flexibility to grow, and also help with procuring, installing and maintaining computers and other hardware.

They needed to be able to access email and share files, drawings and architectural plans at their head office site, as well as at their remote, temporary offices at building sites around London.

Cilantro use a number of specialist architectural and CAD software packages, and needed somebody to liaise with software publishers on their behalf.

In addition, Cilantro wanted the ability manage their files and data securely, allowing access to files only to those team members that needed it.


PlanIT installed a Microsoft server running email, file-sharing functionality and individual accounts for each employee.

Anti-spam email filtering and corporate-standard anti-virus and malware protection was installed. Off-site data backup was installed, with email notifications to help detect and prevent problems early.

Construction teams at a number of building sites across London were equipped with networked laptops, printers, shared drives and high-speed, 4G internet access. These remote office networks are mobile, and can be redeployed to new sites once building projects are complete.

Cilantro expanded rapidly from the start, and PlanIT aided in hardware procurement and employee account maintenance. PlanIT also advised on the safest and most cost-effective ways of making sure the server and network infrastructure could cope with the increasing demand.

Later on, a Terminal Server was installed at their London office, allowing the team at their sister office in Ireland to share software and databases.

PlanIT is also contracted to help with Cilantro’s day-to-day IT issues and queries. Cilantro know that they are just a phone-call or email away from dedicated, personal IT support.



  • Central London


  • January 2012


  • 2


  • 25 desktop machines at Head Office
  • 30 laptops at remote offices on several project sites

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