General IT support & installation

IT Installation across Essex & London

Plan IT Support is your complete IT support department. Working across Essex and London, we can take away the hassle of installing, maintaining and troubleshooting all of your business technology. We can build your office from the ground up, including networking and cabling. We can also work with your existing hardware and help and advise you in updating or acquiring new kits appropriate to your needs and budget.

If you’re looking for a new server, we can take care of the whole thing, from determining your requirements, installing the hardware and migrating your data and services to the new system.

When buying and installing desktop computers and laptops through Plan IT Support you can be certain we will take into account the end-use of each machine. We understand the importance of balancing cost and performance. We are not tied to one supplier, so we can impartially advise on the best value hardware.

General IT Support

Even if your office is already kitted out with everything you need, we’re there to help you in your times of need!

Day-to-day troubleshooting and support are available via our website, by telephone or by email. Most problems can be dealt with remotely, but a visit from one of our team can be quickly arranged should an issue require one.

Plan IT can help you out with all of your general IT needs, whether that’s a frozen PC, a temperamental piece of software or an entire network that has failed.

System monitoring

Plan IT will handle the monitoring of your server and connected services. In most cases, we can detect and solve issues before you even notice!

We have a number of anti-virus solutions and will help you decide on the level and type of protection that is right for you. Email filtering and spam protection will prevent your mailboxes from being swamped with junk and other, potentially malicious bogus emails.

What we can do for you

  • Technical support available via telephone, email or website
  • From-scratch office IT setup
  • Can work with existing hardware or help you acquire new
  • Network cabling and wi-fi installation
  • Day-to-day IT support and troubleshooting
  • Remote assistance
  • Site visits when appropriate
  • Pro-active and preventative monitoring
  • Support for all IT hardware and software
  • Daily server monitoring and safety checks
  • Server, network and terminal health checks
  • Anti-virus protection from Sophos
  • On- and off-site backup of server data
  • Email spam and junk filtering from GFI
  • Support for PCs, Apple Macs and mobile devices

What our clients say

Plan IT Support are a jargon-free breath of fresh air. They provide swift and effective solutions for all our needs in the fast moving world of information technology. I highly recommend them to businesses large and small.

Trevor Drane, Revelation Films Ltd

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    IT support & Installation FAQs

    There could be a number of reasons for this. One of the first things we’d recommend checking is that all of your devices have been updated to the latest versions of their software. Next, we’d take a look at your firewall and antivirus set up. Our team would be able to review your IT security until we found the problem, then work with you to decide the level of IT security management that would keep your systems safe going forward

    Nope! We have years of experience working on all operating systems as well as different types of hardware and software. Whether you use an old Mac or a brand new Windows device, we’ll be able to provide you with the IT support and services you need.