IT Support Rayleigh

Plan IT Support specialises in IT support, services and advice for businesses of all sizes in Rayleigh and across Essex.

We offer friendly, expert and local IT helpdesk services in Rayleigh and the surrounding areas, managing PCs, networks, servers, cloud solutions, software services and everything else you need to make your office IT tick. Keep reading to see why Plan IT Support is the obvious choice for IT support in Rayleigh.

IT support Rayleigh

Plan IT Support provides IT support for businesses in Rayleigh and across Essex. We offer IT helpdesk services for your PC, laptops and other personal devices, but also networking, servers and all the other kit that keeps your office IT running.

We’re an authorised Microsoft reseller and are partnered with some of the biggest names in the industry. Plan IT Support can bring you modern solutions in cloud computing, collaboration and managed IT services, as well as brand-agnostic, competitive answers to your IT equipment requirements. We’ll install it all for you, too.

We’re a small team of local IT nerds and, with one of our bespoke IT support contracts, you know we’re only a phone call or email away when you get a bit stuck! Plan IT Support is your friendly IT support in Rayleigh.


📷 Friendly IT support in Rayleigh


Experienced local IT support in Rayleigh

We deliver IT support for small and medium-sized businesses in Rayleigh and the surrounding areas, with flexible, monthly, all-you-can-eat contracts tailored to fit your business. We don’t follow scripts and we don’t apply cookie-cutter solutions, and you’ll get to know us personally as we work with you and your business.

We understand that hard-working local businesses in Rayleigh need expert IT support to thrive. Trust Plan IT Support to bring that big-city level of IT support to Rayleigh, regardless of the size of your business. Whether you’re a team of 5 or 50 in Hawkwell, Hockley or Rayleigh High Street, in Benfleet, Battlesbridge or round the back of the barbers on Bellingham Lane, with Plan IT Support as your managed service provider, we can keep you and your IT systems running smoothly.


Our IT services in Rayleigh

We offer comprehensive IT services in Rayleigh and across Essex. Here’re some of our most popular:

IT support contracts

An IT support contract gets you IT support with a quick phone call or an email, with guaranteed response times. And with our personal service, you’ll know your technicians by name. There’ll be no fussy first-line support with endless questions, just one of our small team, familiar with your business, getting you back up and running.

Sign up for a set number of hours per month, and we’ll handle your IT issues and large and small, all within the same agreement. Your business needs have changed? Let us know and we’ll work something out; we’re flexible and won’t lock you in. Read more about our Rayleigh IT support contracts.

Managed IT services

The capacity to access your business data and communications on-the-go has become vital in the last few years, and we’re experts in facilitating remote working for you and your team. Whether you’re at the kitchen table, on the train or in a client meeting up London, we can give you the tools to make your work-time seamless. We’re fluent in Microsoft 365, and can set you up with the modern productivity and collaboration tools you need to make your business pop.

And it’s not just Outlook and Teams. A serious business requires IT security, data backup solutions, and a continuity plan in case of disasters. We can work with third-party service providers and software vendors on your behalf to get you the right solutions at the right prices. Here’s a bit more about our managed IT services.

Business email and communications

We’ve helped dozens of businesses upgrade and migrate email systems from outdated, server-based POP and SMTP setups to modern cloud solutions like Microsoft 365 – it’s become our bread and butter. Our team understands the complexities involved in email migration and we’ll ensure a seamless transition with minimal disruption to your business. Whether you’re moving from an old server, upgrading from basic, consumer-grade email to a more professional system, or consolidating multiple services into one slick operation, we’ll make sure it’s done quickly and properly. We’ve written more about it here.

Consultation, supply, installation, and maintenance

We’re vendor-neutral, and not obliged to recommend one particular brand or supplier. We will advise you on the most appropriate hardware, software and service solutions, securing the best prices for you.

We offer an installation and maintenance service, setting up all your equipment and ensuring it continues to work efficiently. And if you’re taking up a support contract with us, we can monitor your systems remotely and highlight problems before you’ve even noticed them. Read more about it here.


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Who is Plan It Support? Read more about us here.


Plan IT Support is your go-to for business IT support in Rayleigh

We’re just down the Rayleigh Road, and we’d love to chat with you about your business IT. Get in touch! There are no obligations, no sales pitch, and no waffley jargon.

We provide IT support contracts to small and medium businesses all over Rayleigh and Essex. We work across many sectors: leisure, accounting, retail, manufacturing, engineering, small family-run businesses and a whole range of other industries.


See how we've helped other businesses Check out our blog!


Plan IT have supported us for the last 11 years. In that time we’ve moved offices multiple times and our IT requirements have changed drastically. Plan IT have been fantastic – working with us to put in place solutions to support our business and clients. Their personal service, can-do attitude and outstanding support have helped Tempus get to where we are today. We look forward to working together for many years to come.

Alex Willmore, Tempus

As a start-up, Plan IT have helped guide us with the full knowledge of what we need to do at the start, and how we need to build and develop as we grow. Their service is fantastic and they are always quick to respond and help in any way they can. We would highly recommend them to any organisation.

Ruth Robinson, MeteorWrite

In the 8 years I’ve worked with Plan IT Support, I’ve not once had an IT issue (personally or professionally) that they’ve not been able to resolve. They are quite simply, brilliant! They’re on hand when you need then, respond quickly, are friendly, trustworthy and professional. I can’t recommend them enough.

Karina Urquhart, BIC

I would recommend Plan IT to any business looking for a friendly and reliable IT service from very knowledgeable people. The service they have provided is second to none, even going as far as resolving technical issues outside of business hours within minutes. Their response time is swift, and their advice is competent and refreshingly clear.

Mike Topping, A Plus Security

A valued business partner that has provided us top-level service and support for coming up to ten years. They’re responsive, agile and plain-speaking. Our relationship with Plan IT has grown positively along with the needs of our business.

Adam Sibley, Kaisertech

Plan IT has played an invaluable and indispensable part in the growth of our business, and are on hand in a moment’s notice to solve problems both small and large. They have proved to be reliable and professional while offering great value for money. I couldn’t recommend them more.

Cliff Mills, Chargecrest Asset Management Ltd

I think that switching our IT support over to you was one of the best business decisions Shearwater has made – it’s so refreshing not only to get a reply to queries so quickly but also to have you so willing to help out with even the little things.

Louise Longworth, Shearwater BAC Ltd

Plan IT helped make the Cyber Essentials process smooth and easy. We went through the self-assessment route and they helped answer any questions we needed support with. We always use Plan IT for our IT support due to their knowledge and experience.

Dean Appleton-Claydon, We Create Digital

We really weren’t aware just how much the company would come to depend on video meetings and remote working until the effects of 2020 hit. The work Plan IT did with us before and during the pandemic to get us into the cloud has been instrumental in keeping our business working smoothly, despite everything.

Peter Gaynor, Cilantro Engineering UK Ltd

You have always provided us with an amazingly fast and efficient service at a very reasonable cost, going about your work in a very approachable and polite manner. It makes a huge difference and gives us a great sense of security to know that you guys are always on call and available to work through issues that come up.

Tom Lacey, Lacey & Saltikov Architects

Plan IT Support are a jargon-free breath of fresh air. They provide swift and effective solutions for all our needs in the fast moving world of information technology. I highly recommend them to businesses large and small.

Trevor Drane, Revelation Films Ltd

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