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Who are we?

Plan IT Support is a friendly and experienced IT support company. Based in Southend-on-Sea and London, Plan IT Support operates in the South East of England and provides IT support across Essex, in locations like Leigh-on-Sea, Coggeshall and Rayleigh.

Our main goal is to remove the frustrations that broken or faulty IT systems can inflict on your business. Through our extensive range of services, we can provide you with complete IT support packages in Romford that will ensure you never have to worry about your computer systems going down.

IT support in Romford

With plenty of local towns right on our doorstep, we are ideally located to provide IT support in Romford. Being close to our clients isn’t vital because we can perform much of our IT support remotely, but it’s still handy to be within travelling distance in case we need to come to your site to perform some installation and maintenance work.

We can provide technical solutions in Romford for businesses of all sizes. Whether you work in a small restaurant or for a nationwide firm, no job is too small and no task too difficult. With our vast experience here at Plan IT, you can rest assured that we will resolve your IT problems.

Our team of IT technicians

Plan IT Support is a highly efficient team that has years of experience working together. We focus on providing an excellent customer experience, making sure we’re always on hand to answer any IT related questions from companies in Romford.

This means that the Plan IT Support team has to stay in close contact with one another to make sure that there is always someone on standby to answer queries. By working closely together and covering all aspects of IT support, the Plan IT team has developed its own successful working method.

Our Services

Here at Plan IT Support, we provide a long list of IT services that address most issues that could arise in IT systems. As well as our listed services, we’re also able to provide additional IT consulting services for more specific or unique problems that may arise.

Below are some of the most popular services that we frequently work on resolving:

Managed IT Security

Managed IT security is a service we provide that has become more and more popular over the years. We provide comprehensive managed IT security for companies in Romford to make sure they can protect their computing systems against the ever-present threat of cyberattacks.

The reason it’s so difficult to defend against cyberattacks is that they are constantly evolving. In addition to this, the number of cybercriminals is also increasing. This leads to a greater number of potential threats, such as malware, ransomware, viruses, worms and trojan horses.

Being able to identify and stop ] these cyberattacks is important if you wish to keep your business data safe. As many small-to-medium-sized businesses are commonly targeted by cybercriminals, it’s essential to make sure that you have the necessary IT security in place.

Service Desk Remote Support

An important part of our service is providing an excellent customer experience. We believe that what separates us from our competitors, especially the larger IT support companies, is that we’re always on hand to provide consultation when you need it.

This starts with our Service Desk Remote Support. If you face any problems then you can contact a member of the Plan IT Support team who will provide you with a fast solution so your system will be back to normal as soon as possible.

Most IT issues can be resolved remotely. We have the industry expertise to provide you with clear, step-by-step instructions on how to resolve your problems. If we cannot immediately find the solution, then we’ll prioritise working on it and keep you updated on our progress. In the scenario that we can’t resolve the problem remotely, then depending on your contract, we can travel to your site.

Cloud Services

Microsoft 365 is a suite of applications that have grouped together the most useful tools and services into one. On top of the essential desktop programmes, Microsoft 365 provides useful and flexible tools such as Teams, OneDrive and Calendars.

Having all of these tools readily accessible means you and your team can communicate quickly and easily whenever necessary. Now that Microsoft Teams is in high demand due to working from home, having this programme is highly useful for hosting those weekly team meetings.

Plan IT Support can assess your current computing system and make a professional decision on whether or not your organisation would benefit from Cloud Services. If it would, then we can perform the migration onto the Microsoft 365 Suite without disrupting or disturbing your current working environment.

As many businesses are updating their computing systems, we have become particularly accustomed to providing this service. As well as fixing errors in IT systems, we also help to increase their performance and efficiency. We can provide you with cloud service installation in Romford to modernise your company and bring it up to current computing standards.

Speak to an expert

We provide a friendly and approachable service here at Plan IT Support. We take pride in delivering exceptional technical solutions in Romford and the surrounding areas. Should you have any queries, then feel free to contact us at any time for a phone call consultation.

Not everyone is confident with computers, and we understand this. That’s why we make every effort to explain issues in a jargon-free manner and ensure that we break down problems and solutions into easily digestible chunks of information.


Plan IT Support are a jargon-free breath of fresh air. They provide swift and effective solutions for all our needs in the fast moving world of information technology. I highly recommend them to businesses large and small.

Trevor Drane, Revelation Films Ltd

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