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About Us

Plan IT Support is an experienced IT support company that provides a wide range of IT services to businesses of all sizes in the Essex area. With over twenty years of experience, Plan IT’s support team has the technical knowledge and expertise to solve all manner of IT-related problems.

What’s important to Plan IT is providing a friendly and reliable service. We place an emphasis on excellent customer service to make sure our clients are always satisfied with the level of IT support they receive.

Where we work

Plan IT Support is based in Southend-on-Sea and London. As well as working in the South East of England, we also provide IT support services in Coggeshall, a large market town just outside Colchester.

IT Support in Coggeshall

Regardless of your working sector, we are capable of providing your business with IT support in Coggeshall. We have experience delivering IT support in a range of different industries. So, whether you work in an office or a supermarket, you can rely on us to comfortably step into your working environment and provide you with IT assistance.

It might be the case that you just need a one-time fix for a faulty laptop or desktop computer. Or, you might require a two-month-long IT support contract to help see you through a busy period of time. No matter the situation, we are flexible enough to work with you and come to a solution which will meet your needs.

The Plan IT Team

Working closely together, we provide a comprehensive service to our clients by ensuring that all aspects of the required IT support are met. As well as helping to resolve any outlying issues, we will use our extensive knowledge of IT systems to suggest areas for improvement.

With a longstanding history of working in the IT sector, we have the required knowledge to find and implement innovative solutions. On top of this, we understand the importance of excellent customer service and make it our priority to answer phone calls and emails as soon as possible.

How we can help you

Over the many years that we’ve worked in this industry, we have resolved all kinds of IT issues. From the common ones such as locating lost files and fixing blue screens to the more complicated tasks like defending computers against malicious software.

Whether you are a small business located in Coggeshall, or you usually work in the city and are currently working remotely, we are able to help. There really is no IT job too small for us to be able to help you, and with competitive rates.

While we provide an extensive list of services, there are some which are more popular due to them becoming necessities in the modern workplace. We provide the following IT support packages in Coggeshall.

Cloud Services

Microsoft 365 suite has really come into its own in recent years. While it started off with the basics such as Word and Excel, it has now expanded its package to include other useful tools such as OneDrive, Teams and Shared Calendars.

Because of the pandemic, working from home has become the new norm for millions of employees across the country. While communication is still possible, it’s nowhere near as easy as it used to be when everyone was in the same office.

Microsoft Teams has provided a fast and easy way for remote workers to hold meetings, discussions and brainstorming sessions. Due to its ease of use and value for money, Microsoft 365 suite has proven itself to be a strong performer for companies of all sizes.

If you’re a Coggeshall-based business that is thinking about moving over to the cloud to gain access to its programmes, then Plan IT can help. We can provide you with an assessment which will determine if you’d benefit from Microsoft 365 suit. If so, we’ll then migrate you onto the cloud with minimal disruption.

IT Consulting

As mentioned previously, IT consulting is a service which Plan IT Support believes is particularly important. We understand better than anyone how frustrating computing systems can be when they’re not working as intended.

And when your work depends on computers and WiFi, it can be damaging for a business if your IT systems aren’t reliable. This is why we prioritise providing excellent IT consultancy for companies in Coggeshall. You’ll instantly be able to speak to one of our IT technicians who will work quickly and diligently to resolve the IT issues you’re facing.

Plan IT Support can also work with your existing IT teams to help come to a solution on any ongoing issues you may be facing. As these are unprecedented times for all of us, we’re aware that people might be dealing with problems they’ve never had to handle before. Some of you may be even more busy than usual and might need a tiny bit more IT support to keep you going!

Cyber Essentials

Like Cloud Services, Cyber Essentials has been steadily increasing in popularity over the last few years. Launched in 2014, the Cyber Essentials scheme is a Government-backed enterprise that helps ensure businesses have key controls for cybersecurity in place.

As cybercrime is becoming more and more common over the years, Cyber Essentials Certification is starting to be seen as a must-have. Passing the Cyber Essentials scheme won’t assure you complete protection from all cyber attacks, but it will demonstrate that you prioritise cyber security and that you have systems in place that satisfy the Government.

Plan IT Support can assist companies in Coggeshall to gain their Cyber Essentials Certification. As experienced computing professionals, we have seen all kinds of cybercrime on the internet, from the common attacks to the more advanced and malicious ones. We would always recommend to our clients that they don’t minimise the importance of cyber security.

If you are unsure as to whether you want the standard Cyber Essentials Certification or Cyber Essentials Plus, we can help advise you and support you in fulfilling the needs of the schemes.

Speak to an expert

If any of our services appeal to you and your business, then feel free to contact a member of our team today. We will work with you to design a customised IT support package for your company in Coggeshall.







You have always provided us with an amazingly fast and efficient service at a very reasonable cost, going about your work in a very approachable and polite manner. It makes a huge difference and gives us a great sense of security to know that you guys are always on call and available to work through issues that come up.

Tom Lacey, Lacey & Saltikov Architects

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